Stainless steel cut wire

Packaging : 25 kg

Stainless steel cut wire shot is widely used in shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, shot peening machine, shot peening equipment, grit peening machine, steel plate preparation production line, steel structure preparation line.
Stainless steel cut wire shot cleaning: Shot blasting cleaning, shot peening cleaning, coloured aluminum alloy, copper alloy, zinc alloy die-casting parts, stainless steel casting parts cleaning, stainless steel forging parts cleaning, shot peening of forged parts, stainless steel plate cleaning, stainless steel cleaning, coloured parts, etc. deburring and lighting of surface, can enhance the anti-fatigue performance, anticorrosion, concealing surface defects of work pieces to enable it to be bright and white.
Stainless steel cut wire shot removing rust: Shot blasting rust-removal, shot peening rust-removal casting parts rust-removal, forged parts and steel plate rust-removal, H-beam steel rust-removal, steel structure rust-removal.
Stainless steel cut wire shot intensifying:Shot blasting intensifying of stainless steel parts and heat treatment parts.
Stainless steel cut wire shot shot peening:Shot peening of Coloured aluminum, copper, magnesium die-casting and stainless steel.

Name Chemical analysis Granulometry Hardness

Stainless steel cut wire


  • C- 0,01 %
  • S- 0,015 %
  • Si - 0,8 %
  • Cr - 20 %
  • Mn- 1,8 %
  • Ni - 10 %
  • P - 0,015 %

1) 0,8 - 0,8 mm
2) 0,8 - 1,0 mm
3) 1,0 - 1,2 mm
4) 1,2 - 1,4 mm
~ 40 Hrc